What We Do

We aim to provide professional support and advice to employers and employees.  We can offer Mentoring, Cultural Sensitivity / Understanding, Mediation, Policy Advice, and training tailored to your agency that could include Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Drug & Alcohol referral and support.

We support the employee and employer to overcome challenges and become stronger. Our techniques and approaches are culturally sensitive and can provide a male or female counsellor if required. We are professional and maintain strict confidentiality as a part of our service standards.

Our initial assessments can take between one and two hours, with follow up appointments that may vary depending on individual circumstances. We can be accessed either by phone, email or face to face.

Aboriginal Counselling is working with organizations like Aboriginal Employment Strategy and other government and non-government agencies. We aim to satisfy and meet the needs of all clients and emphasize a commitment in achieving mutual goals and outcomes. Our service standards are high and we assert quality principles and values. We are a family orientated service so we are flexible and will work in within reason to work in with, your family and or work responsibilities. Please go to the contact page to seek our assistance.

Community Counselling

We engage with our community to offer individual or group counselling.  We provide mental health assessments for care planning and supports that are client centred and directed. We have developed strategies for behaviour modification and emotional management. We have access to a multi-disciplinary skill set and can involve relevant stake holders to ensure the best possible outcome for our participants.

Our Counselling approaches are through the lenses of culture, community and holistic well-being which we call “Culturalistic”. Our counselling styles are not just based on one therapeutic approach as we may use Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT or Narrative therapy.

We aim to offer improved ways of Culturalistic healing and mental health recovery as our goals are to retell our stories. Ultimately, we want our clients to become our colleagues, not our colleagues become our clients. Our service is focused on self-determination and pay forward our ancestors sacrifices to sustain our community’s future.

The issues and conditions we deal with are: Anxiety, Depression, Drug & Alcohol, Gambling, Grief and Loss, Identity (Cultural, Sexual etc), Relationships, Youth Counselling, Workplace Support, Vocational Guidance

Workforce Support

Because our community are also workers, who often are the backbone of services, they sometimes experience isolation, racism and vicarious trauma which can result in stress, burnout and absenteeism. The supports and assistance we have offered is critical incident debriefing, mediation, workplace counselling and mental health relapse prevention. Our community have a lot of unresolved grief through Sorry Business so we have first-hand knowledge and insight as to how this looks like for an Aboriginal worker or Aboriginal team.

Mental Health care planning for the workplace and relapse prevention is important to maintain and sustain well-being for an individual and their family. Workplaces have a duty of care to ensure our mob are our safe and well, so we want to work/walk with workplaces in care planning and mentoring people to maintain employment.

The stories that are shared with us are strictly private and confidentiality is assured. Our counsellors and support staff have qualifications to ensure we deliver quality services to our people. We have two focus areas in our service which is clinical and education.  We have firsthand experience and are often contacted to deal with employers and employees in distress with workplace situations arise.


We can provide counselling to participants who have NDIS packages.  We have worked with the NDIA, NDIS Providers and First Peoples Disability Network.  We have engaged with the Justice System with offenders/ex-offenders who have NDIS packages.  We have a strong focus on consumer advocacy and always have the participants best interest as our priority.

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