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Welcome to Aboriginal Counselling

Goori’s, Koori’s & Murri’s We Want to Support You and Your Mob.

Our ancestors, past and present have forged the way through blood, sweat and tears to provide us with opportunities in life. Our ancestor’s experiences are based on survival and have given us the skills to deal with today’s problems. We all have problems in our lives and Aboriginal Counselling are here to help individuals and their families through these challenging times.

Education and support has helped us to grow, as individuals and as a family, so we want to offer our communities the same opportunities we have been offered. Most Aboriginal people continue to have problems due to numerous reasons. Aboriginal Counselling is a business established to help Aboriginal families and communities overcome some of the social diseases that confront us. We want to pass on our skills and knowledge to give our people the strength and education to feel better and stay strong & well.

Aboriginal Counselling delivers intervention services to Aboriginal people in a way that is sensitive and appropriate based on the individual’s circumstances. Our goals are to assist Aboriginal people who are having problems and would like to share their stories with us. We provide a culturally appropriate and sensitive service. The stories that are shared with us are strictly private and your confidentiality is assured.

Our Training

Our training is for Aboriginal and non – Aboriginal people. We are accredited trainers and have adult education qualifications. Our staff have professional facilitation experience at University, TAFE and the workplace.

As professionals we adhere to high standards and ensure participants are supported and feel comfortable in our learning environment. We have completed courses by VETAB and understand the accreditation process.

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Our Services

The Aboriginal Counselling provides therapeutic counselling for families, individuals and communities within NSW. Aboriginal Counselling supports and assists Aboriginal people in dealing with issues such as grief & loss, drug & alcohol, gambling, financial hardship, family violence, sexual abuse and self-harm. Aboriginal Counselling delivers intervention services to Aboriginal people in a way that is sensitive and appropriate based on the individuals circumstances.

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Important Notice

Aboriginal Counselling will be limiting our Face to Face contact due to current Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are guided by Department of Health Guidelines and until further notice we have limited our services.

Please see our website:

or contact the mobile number on: 0410 539 905 for any questions.

Please stay safe and in case of a mental health emergency contact the Mental Health Line on:

1800 011 511 or 000.